Refreshing Aroma Spray
Refreshing Aroma Spray
Refreshing Aroma Spray
Refreshing Aroma Spray

Refreshing Aroma Spray

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Would You like to step in toilet and get hit by a scent so sensational you’ll pose a moonwalk?
Have a good air day! These are made of essential oils and other natural compounds, which coat the surface of the water and holds in bad odors. Spritz Your way to a fresher environment by giving Your toilet a natural pick-me-up. With our Refreshing Aroma Spray You can finally say goodbye to stale air, and hello to all natural, refreshing aromas! 
  • Sensational scent that gives anywhere a heavenly smell
  • Eliminate odors and microbials including bacteria
  • No embarrassment when going to the toilet at home or public areas
  • No harsh chemicals like Parabens, Pthalates, Aerosol Formaldehyde
  • Long lasting fragrance that gives You amazing value
  • Broad range of usage: Bathrooms, cars, toilet, bed sheets, clothing, furniture, offices


  • Size: 3.6*3.6*11.7 cm
  • Net Weight: 50 ml


  • Shake canister before each use.
  • Release 6-8 pumpfuls into air. Dispense more in large areas.
  • Hold canister upright and mist from a height above your head. Do not mist directly onto face or body.


  • 1 x Refreshing Aroma Spray