One Click Butter Cutter
One Click Butter Cutter
One Click Butter Cutter

One Click Butter Cutter

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Introducing, the One Click Butter Cutterhandy and clean way to hold and dispense your butter, quickly serving neat slices of butter with just a simple click. It easily loads a complete stick of butter or margarine and store it in the refrigerator without taking too much shelf spaceNo more hassle dealing with hard-to-cut butter anymore.

You’ll enjoy your breakfast, meal, or snack in no time!


  • Holds and slices butter with a squeeze.
  • Keeps hands and butter clean and safe for children to use. 
  • Uses less refrigerator shelf space and replaces the ever-greasy butter dish.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Applicable to cheese also.


    1. To fill the One Click Butter Cutter, pull the lid off, shake out the butter pusher, unwrap and slide the bar of butter in.
    2. Replace the butter pusher and lid, and it's ready to use.
    3. When you need a slice, just click the handle and a pat of butter will be ejected.


      • Product material: ABS stainless steel 420
      • Product Size: 20.3*7.6*5.5 cm
      • Individual product weight: 279.5 g


      • 1 x One Click Butter Cutter