Liquid Band Aid
Liquid Band Aid
Liquid Band Aid
Liquid Band Aid
Liquid Band Aid
Liquid Band Aid

Liquid Band Aid

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 The BEST Alternative of awkward traditional adhesive bandages!

Applicable to small cuts and wounds, Liquid Band Aid rapidly forms a tough protective cover, keeping out dirt and bacteriaprotecting the wound from infection and supporting natural healingprevents pain and trauma caused by water during cooking, cleaning, swimming or other activities. It is transparent and stays as a second layer of natural skin.

The Bandage is tested to be low allergic, safe and reliable to use; Very breathable so it will not interfere with skin ventilation and heat dissipation. With a handy brush applicator, convenient for use and apply the band precisely.


  • No-sting formula
  • Supporting natural healing
  • Waterproof and high-protective
  • Ideal for wounds that are difficult to cover with traditional bandages
  • Natural and transparent
  • Apply precisely with a handy brush application


  • Clean affected area. 
  • Apply a small amount on the area 1-3 times daily. 
  • Let dry. A second coating may be applied for extra protection. 
  • Peel off when wound is treated.



  • Net Weight: 50 ml
  • Size Package: 10*10*10cm 
  • Material: Polyvinyl alcohol, Pinus, Beeswax, Ethanol


    • 1 x Liquid Band Aid