Interdental Brush
Interdental Brush
Interdental Brush
Interdental Brush

Interdental Brush

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If you are having a hard time getting the last bit of steak or popcorn out form your teeth, this Interdental Brush is perfect for you! It's designed to clean in between your teeth effectively and safely. 

Don't worry, the brush does not hurt your teeth or gums! To use, simply place the Interdental Brush where you need to clean, press the handle to let the brush slide through your interdental space and you are done. Use in between teeth, around implants, under braces, and around crowns. Say goodbye to flossing!


  • Total cleaning for your teeth and gums
  • Kills off bacteria and removes food debris
  • Helps to remove plaque
  • Keeps your teeth white and gums healthy


  • Small (ISO 0): Fits in every gap, especially for small interdental spaces, patients with brackets or retainers.
  • Medium (ISO 2): For wider gaps or teeth with crowns, bridges or implants.
  • Large (ISO 3): Conically shaped bristles, serves a wide range with a small wire. Perfect size for patients with periodontitis or wide gaps.

    Brush is Wearing Off? Get Your Refills Here :)


    • 1 x Interdental Brush (with Small Brush)
    • 2 x Brush Refills (Medium & Large Brush)