Electricity Power Saver
Electricity Power Saver
Electricity Power Saver
Electricity Power Saver
Electricity Power Saver

Electricity Power Saver

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Tired of spending lots of money on paying electricity bills?

Now You can reduce electricity bills and save electricity using Electricity Power SaverThis device helps in optimizing the voltage and current demands to reduce the active power consumption. This will eventually help reduce electricity bills by 50% or in the case of place where electricity supply is stable the reduction would be 45%. This also helps in providing longer life for Your electrical appliances!


  • Saves up to 50% per month on electricity bills!
  • Reduces the amount of electricity drawn from the power supplier
  • Stabilize the voltage, balance the current
  • Save energy efficiently, environment-friendly
  • Prolong the life of the electric devices easily
  • Simple operation, easy to use, maintenance free
  • LED lights design for indicating operation

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  • Size: 115*68 *42 mm 
  • Voltage: AC 90 V - 250 V 
  • Rated Frequency: 50 Hz- 60 Hz 
  • Power: ≤0.5 W 
  • Temperature: -25 to 75 Celsius Degrees


  1. Plug the power saver into wall socket at vertical direction. 
  2. The device must be plugged in firmly, avoid loose connection. When You see 2 green LED lights turn on, it has started saving electricity. 
  3. According to electric appliances quantity and loading carry, one or several devices can be used. 
  4. Simple operation, no need special attention or maintenance.

The power saver saves electricity through improving power factor of the electric devices. If the power factor of Your appliances are above 0.90 , the saving will not be that obvious. But the power saver will still stabilize the voltage and protect the electric devices from surge.



  • 1 x Electricity Power Saver