Better Dreams Nasal Patch (Set of 12)
Better Dreams Nasal Patch (Set of 12)
Better Dreams Nasal Patch (Set of 12)
Better Dreams Nasal Patch (Set of 12)

Better Dreams Nasal Patch (Set of 12)

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Better Dreams Nasal Patch is the best solution for sleep disorders caused by nasal congestion, while reducing or alleviating snoring at the same time. It is a drug-free adhesive patch with a unique reflex design that are proven to instantly relieve nasal congestion and eliminating snoring. Flexible "spring-like" pieces design gently lift up the congested nasal passages, improving airflow by 31%, allowing You and Your partner to get a good night's rest. 

Better Breathe, Better Sleep, Better Life!


  • Expands nasal passages, improving airflow by 31%.
  • Used for alleviating nasal congestion caused by cold, allergy and rhinitis.
  • Better reliving symptoms such as sleep apnea caused by congested airway between Lungs, Snoring, Pharyngitis and others
  • Easy to use, safe and effective.
  • No side effect.


  • To get maximum effective results, place the patch in the correct position on a clean, dry nose.
  • For single use only. Do not use for more than 12 hours.
  • Not for children under 5 years old.
  • Do not use over sores, sunburned or irritated skin.
  • If rash or skin irritation occurs, discontinue to use.


  • Size: 66*19 mm
  • Material: 
    • Surface Material (Breathable transparent porous PE or Non-woven materials) ,
    • Pressure-sensitive adhesives,
    • Elastic material (polyester),
    • back sticker


  • 1 x Better Breathe Good Dream Nasal Patch (Set of 12)

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