3D Roller Massager
3D Roller Massager
3D Roller Massager
3D Roller Massager

3D Roller Massager

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This 3D Roller Massager resembles the shape of a gripped hands that fit in any spot on your face and body! The two balls with Solar-Powered Micro-Current Technology and 360° rotation, it can scroll on any part of your body and gives you relief from rigidness, muscles tension and boost blood circulation.



  • Solar-powered micro-current technology, 
  • 360° rotation design, applicable to skin of whole body
  • Curved handle design for easy griping  
  • Smooth rolling, adapt for sensitivity and unconscious skin
  • Waterproof
  • Skin tightening and boost blood circulation

- Use As Face & Body Slimming Massager 
Manual Control, ergonomically designed massage beads, 3D Waterproof Roller with 360 degrees rotate design adept the whole body skin. Eco-friendly platinum material, no harm to the skin.

    - Use For Skin Lift Tool
    With new kneading technology, relieves sensitivity skin and promotes face-lift skin tightening, body shaping, alleviates tension and improves blood circulation. 

    Preventing the aging, skin Tightening, massager for body, face, arms, legs, buttocks and back it can achieve effect of face slimming. 

      - Suitable For Face & Body Skin Care 
      Gathers energy by mini solar panel on the main body, releases micro solar currents of when massaging.


      • 1 x 3D Roller Massager